Centrally located in the “River North” area this lot measures 160’ x 100’. The site is bounded on two sides by streets Illinois and Dearborn, an alley to the south, and an adjacent three-story building to the east.




To recreate with a new building the qualities inherent to a rehabbed loft space while using modern materials and technologies. Also, to maximize the building area of the site, to provide approximately 100 parking spaces, to include a lap pool and exercise area for use by the tenants, and to provide for ground floor retail space.


Holabird & Root


A multiple-use 13 story building divided into three distinct functions. The lower level will include the lap pool / exercise area along with mechanical and storage requirements. The ground floor consists of retail space and entrance ramps for the parking levels above. Floors two through five will be designed for parking levels which utilize a ramp system exposed on the exterior elevations and suspended from the structure above by steel cables.

Floors six through thirteen include a partial office floor at six, typical office floors from seven to twelve, and a penthouse office on the thirteenth floor. The core elements are located on the alley side of the lot, designed as a separate and distinct architectural element.

The structural system utilizes a 40’ X 60’ bay and will be of concrete construction. The exposed two-foot-deep waffle slab will be supported by eight 4’ diameter concrete columns and an ornamental drop panel with tapered ribs.