THE townhouses

The townhouses at NEWHAUS surround a one acre heavily landscaped park. There is controlled access to the units as well as additional security that is provided by cameras monitored in the rental building. The self-contained nature of the townhouses will provide a retreat from the intense city life around it. The townhouses themselves are designed to be extremely stylish allowing for enough variations to suit a number of different lifestyles. They incorporate an aesthetic which is enormously sophisticated and at the same time inexpensive to build. The townhouses, in their most minimal form, will have elaborately detailed concrete ceilings which form the floors for above. The floors themselves in the most minimal state will be concrete though these may be finished with wood, tile or carpeting. Open tread stairs, extremely large skylights and luminous walls in baths and kitchens will allow the units to be flooded on the inside with natural light. For minimal additional construction dollars the units are designed with 10’ high ceilings in the living spaces to create a large volume of space. Patio doors from the units enter directly onto the one acre park.



Level 1 contains a drive-in garage, studio, second bedroom/den/workspace and patio. The second level, which is reached by an open tread stair contains a compact kitchen with adjacent dining area, living area and powder room.  The third level is the sleeping area. The large bedroom contains a master bath with a whirlpool and double vanities. This 1,772-square foot unit is very compact. It provides a variety of living spaces. In this unit, there is a cutout between the second and third floor providing a living room space which is almost 20 feet tall and a dramatic view from the third level down to the second.


Unit A1

Decks over the two-story space between the second and third floors creating a second bedroom/den/study area. The total square footage is 1,942. All units are equipped with an attractive and efficient wood burning stove.


Which is 2,353 square feet is a more grand version of Unit A. The first level can serve as an office, studio, family room or guest room. This level in Unit B contains a full bath, garage and patio area. The second level has a larger kitchen than Unit A with adjacent dining room and terrace and a larger living area. The living area is equipped with an attractive and efficient wood burning stove. This unit also has a two-story living room with an overlook from the third floor. On level three there is a large master bedroom and master bath.

Townhouse B1 has a second bedroom, study, work area on the third floor and a bath that allows for a second bedroom or a guest room.


The largest of the three unit types at 3,061 square feet. This unit provides a great deal of space and flexibility. The first floor consists of a garage, family room/guest-room/office with full bath. The second level has a large kitchen, dining area with terrace, powder room, laundry room and a very large living room. On the third level, there is a large master bedroom with a substantial master bath with second bedroom, study, den, work area.

Unit C1: Provides for three bedrooms on the top floor with baths that are designed for full time use by the three bedrooms.